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"Student Success Stories and Why People are Going Bananas Over Good Morning Good Evening Qigong
with Tristan Truscott and Peter Ragnar"

We are so honored to have received hundreds of success stories from students all around the world.

When we created this course it was our deepest intention to pass on the ancient practice of Qigong and the wisdom we have gleaned from many amazing teachers and our combine 90 years of personal experience.

Recieving these success stories has profoundly touched our hearts and confirmed that the power of intention rules! It is our pleasure to share a few of these testimonials by presenting them here for you here on this page.

Note: In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it totally clear that although these reviews are unsolicited, we cannot promise that you will experience similar benefits from using our program.

Additionally we are not doctors and are not claiming that you will be healed or cured by following this program, although we have received many messages stating incredible physical and energetic transformations.

You can read below and learn why folks are going bananas over this Qigong course!

"This was my First Time Feeling the Energy... Like OMG!"

Bob Doyle (Featured Teacher in The Secret)
nick-ortner"I Love How I Feel When I've Done The Program"

"I've thoroughly enjoyed Peter and Tristan's amazing new Qigong program! I love its simplicity and pacing, making it easy for me to understand and fit into my schedule, and yet, as simple as it is, there's clearly a profound wisdom in the process. More than anything, I love how I feel when I've done the program. I highly recommend it!"

Nick Ortner (The Tapping Solution)

New York Times Best-Selling Author

"I Am Now Sleeping Much Better"

I do the Good Morning/Good Evening Qigong every day and it has made a real difference in my life. I have had trouble sleeping my whole adult life and thanks to these DVDs, I am now sleeping much better. That's a lot of years of having trouble falling asleep because I am seventy. Thank you for your kindness.

Nancy Sherman

"The Highlight of My Day!"

Dear Tristan and Peter, Dropping you a line to let you know how much I have enjoyed " Good Morning Good Night". I have completed the four week "training" DVDs plus two more weeks practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning and doing all the routines, actually they are the highlight of my day! I do them no matter what and haven't missed a single one. Much love to you all,

Susan Tallents (Grandma)

"Takes The Law of Attraction to a Higher Level"

I’ve been doing the Qigong programme about a week now, and really love it! Its great because it takes all of the Law of Attraction & vibration understanding to a higher level, by making it physical- i.e. im not just thinking about flow and abundance, but my body is now feeling the movement and energy of its natural power. Thank you Tristan & Peter for putting it out there!! Its exactly what i was looking for!

Dave Harewood

"OMG Tristan, You Look Thirty!"

Hi Tristan! I want to say thank you for making the Morning and Evening Qi Gong DVD's with Peter Ragnar -- I just LOVE them!! Also -- the first time I put one on and you came on the screen, I thought to myself "OMG Tristan, you look thirty!" Soon my son comes in and, knowing who Peter is, he says, " Who's the 28 year old?" Congratulations on "youthing!"

Trish (Patricia Milligan Detwiler)

"I've Gotten Several Times My Money's Worth"

I'll be 50 in December and I've done a lot of searching over the last 30 years -- I go all the way back to The Scott Peck book in the 80s, Melody Beattie, Castaneda, Bible major in college, Tony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, hundreds of hours of therapy, black belt in Kung Fu -- all while remaining self-employed in the music industry between L.A and Nashville. It has not been an easy life -- in great degree, because I had no concept of the Law of Attraction.

I give credit to all the other books/programs which led up to this moment, but I wanted you both to know that I've already gotten several times my money's worth from your program, and I just began.

Thank you so much for your work. Blessings to you both.


"We Absolutely Love It, It Is Amazing"

My wife and I have been practicing your Good Morning Good Evening Qi Gong for over a month now
and we absolutely love it, it is amazing. Thank you so much for making this available.

Vern Hall

"I Feel Your's Is The Best..."

I just wanted to reach out and let you know I love your Good Morning Good Evening Qigong program. I went through the program last August when I bought it and loved it...

I have checked out 4 other Qigong programs and I feel your's is the best. Tristan & Peter's instructions and statements in the videos are inspiring. I think that your program would be excellent for rehabilitation programs and seniors in nursing homes. I can see people who maybe can't stand sitting in their wheel chairs with their bare feet on the ground making the Qigong movements :-)

Have you ever considered working with Gaiam? I'm not affiliated with them but I've bought DVDs from them and I subscribe to their online video service, mainly to watch Lisa Garr's Aware show. I think it would be wonderful for more people to discover your Qigong program.


Roxanne Sumner

"Could Not Believe The Difference In My Being"

Dearest Tristan and Peter, You have deeply inspired me, both of you; your energies are exquisite and sincere. I simply did your Good Morning session twice yesterday and once this morning and could not believe the difference in my being. I was a martial artist in past lives [judo] -- (this came in a dream) and a dancer in this life and I still have not experienced such a feeling.

Best wishes and blessings,

Karen Stroker
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